Planning Committee (PLAN)

The Loose Parish Council Planning Committee (PLAN) usually meet on the third Monday of each calendar month, and again two weeks later, depending on planning applications received. Meetings held on the third Mondays are usually before the main Council meeting at 6.45pm (n.b. LPC meetings are not held in August, although planning meetings may still be). Note should be taken of the start times given in agenda, as these may vary.


Draft minutes are uploaded onto the website shortly after the meeting.  Agreed minutes are uploaded once they have been confirmed at the next Planning meeting.


Agendas for every meeting are displayed before the due date, on the notice boards as well as on this website.


Loose Parish Council (LPC) does not determine planning applications. This is the role of Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) as the Planning Authority.  LPC makes a recommendation to MBC regarding its position on an application as agreed at its planning committee meetings.

Planning Committee meetings are open to the public. If you wish to speak you may do so for three minutes.


LPC has a policy that it does not meet with developers to discuss proposed applications, prior to applications being received by the Planning Authority. However, it does facilitate public meetings on applications at which developers and the public are welcome to attend.


If you need any more information please contact the Clerk.

Prior to Covid restrictions, Loose Parish Council welcomed visitors to its planning meetings to voice their opinions on applications. Post Covid, meetings have not been possible.


Currently, recommendations from the parish on applications to Maidstone Borough Council (the Planning Authority) are determined from councillors “round robins” on line within the parish council. The consensus from the round robins formulates the recommendation.


To comment on an application write/email MBC Planning with a  copy to Loose Parish Council. It would help if comments are submitted early in the consultation period. This would allow parish councillors to take in your views prior to formulating a recommendation to MBC.

Please note: If you are interested in making any representations or comments on the Planning Committee’s current agenda, emails need to be received by 5pm, on the Friday preceding the Monday meeting.

Agendas and Minutes

21 June 2021

29 March 2021           LPC  PLAN Minutes  

15 February 2021           LPC  PLAN Draft Minutes

21 December 2020      LPC  PLAN Minutes 

02 November 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes   

21 September 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes  

20 July 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes 

01 June 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes 

2 March 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes

16 December 2019
LPC PLAN Minutes

04 November 2019          LPC PLAN Minutes

16 September 2019         LPC PLAN Minutes

07 August 2019              LPC PLAN Minutes

7 June 2021
LPC PLAN Draft Minutes

15 March 2021           LPC  PLAN Minutes 

18 January 2021           LPC  PLAN  Minutes 

07 December 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes  

19 October 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes  

07 September 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes   

06July 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes 

20 April 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes

03 February 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes

02 December 2019
LPC PLAN Minutes

21 October 2019           LPC PLAN Minutes

02 September 2019         LPC PLAN Minutes

19 April 2021           LPC  PLAN  Minutes 

01 March 2021           LPC  PLAN Minutes 

04 January 2021           LPC  PLAN  Minutes 

16 November 2020

LPC PLAN  Minutes 


05 October 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes   

03 August 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes   

15 June 2020
LPC PLAN  Minutes 

6 April 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes

20 January 2020
LPC PLAN Minutes

18 November 2019
LPC PLAN Minutes

07 October 2019           LPC PLAN Minutes

19 August 2019              LPC PLAN Minutes

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