Code of Conduct

A model code of conduct was adopted by the Loose Parish Council on the 16th Jul 2012.This incorporates a members mandatory obligations under the Localism Act 2011 concerning ‘disclosable pecuniary interests’ which came into force on the 1st Jul 12. Disclosable 'pecuniary interests’ are defined in the relevant authorities regulations 2012 (S1 2012/1464).

A register of members notifications of disclosable pecuniary Interests are listed below, and are also available on the website of the Local Authority- Maidstone Borough Council

Chairman Cllr Vianne Gibbons

Vice Chairman Cllr Charlie Hollister

Cllr Jim Andrew

Cllr Velma Bennett

Cllr Susan Luckhurst

Cllr Tony Oliver

Cllr Peter Rigby

Cllr Andrew Richards