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Loose Parish Pavilion

Adjacent to the KGV playing field is the Loose Parish Pavilion. This is the location for most of the main parish council and committee meetings, which members of the public are very welcome to attend.     


The Loose Parish Pavilion (and the King George V playing field) are owned, managed and maintained by the Loose Parish Council.


Aside from the regular monthly Coffee Mornings held on the second Wednesday of each month (9.30am-12noon), which any member of the public is welcome to attend, the pavilion is also used as a regular meeting place for a number of groups. These include Mother & Toddler Groups Musical Merry-Go-Round and Georgia’s Explorers; Loose Valley and Loose WI's; Brownies and Rainbows; Loose Area History Society; North Loose Resident’s Association’s Loose Ends; Slimming World; Glowing Fitness & the Tuneless Choir. See What's On at the Loose Parish Pavilion for more details.

The pavilion and playing field are also available for hire to the general public, sports clubs, businesses, community and charity organisations.


If you are interested in hiring the pavilion or playing field, please contact the clerk’s office for information on availability.

If you are interested in booking the pavilion or any open space owned by the Loose Parish Council, please contact the Clerk's Office to check availability, prior to completing any Documentation.

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