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LPC Community Alert Service

The LPC Community Alert Service covers anything of interest in the local area. This includes items from Loose Parish Council; Police & Community Warden updates; Trading Standards info; events in the local area and other local community information.


Aside from emailing to those who have registered to receive LPC Community Alerts in their mailboxes, copies are also posted on this website, as well as being placed on the three parish council noticeboards in the area.  (Noticeboards are located inside the Loose Parish Pavilion (Community Noticeboard for those who use the hall); outside Loose Primary School on the Loose Road); next to All Saints’ noticeboard on the wall at the top of Old Loose Hill (Post Office end) and also on the corner of Holmesdale Close.

We welcome your feedback, so if there is any way of improving the council’s contact with the local community, please get in touch.

The Loose Parish Council runs a Community Alert email Information service for all residents, plus any other interested parties, who have access to the internet. If you are interested in receiving these, you can subscribe to this service at the foot of this page.

Loose Parish Council Community Alerts

22 April 2024
Community Alert No 37

04 July 2023
Community Alert No 34

17 November 2022
Community Alert No 31

24 February 2022
Community Alert No 28

06 December 2021
Community Alert No 25

08 July 2021
Community Alert No 22

03 January 2024
Community Alert No 36

23 February 2023
Community Alert No 33

30 July 2022
Community Alert No 30

31 January 2022
Community Alert No 27
Letter from Ward Councillor Susan Grigg

02 September 2021
Community Alert No 23

28 April 2021
Community Alert No 21

03 November 2023
Community Alert No 35

22 December 2022
Community Alert No 32

23 May 2022
Community Alert No 29

20 January 2022
Community Alert No 26

30 September 2021
Community Alert No 24

21 Jan 2021
Community Alert No 20

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