Environment Committee (ENV)

The Environment Committee  manages, preserves and promotes designated green spaces within the parish. It deals with any maintenance, issues and concerns about vegetation within the Loose Parish Council boundary. It covers:

  • The closed cemetery in Church Street

  • The village green at the top of Old Loose Hill

  • Brooks Field, the stream and pathway

  • The King George V Playing Field

  • Ragstone walls

  • Trees and foliage

  • Planters and benches

  • Litter and bins

  • The bus shelter by Rosemount Close

The Environment Committee has a continual list of ongoing projects.

Other issues, that do not fall under the Parish Council’s remit should be reported directly to the relevant authority:-

Road problems and potholes, should be reported to Kent County Council on the following link:


Fly tipping, dogs mess, missing street signs, etc, should be reported to Maidstone Borough Council:


Due to Covid-19, all meetings are currently being held virtually. Any matters that arise between committee meetings, will be dealt with by Round Robin, or discussed at the next main VIRTUAL meeting of the full Parish Council.

Agendas and Minutes

08 March 2021 

LPC ENV Draft Minutes

26 October 2020            LPC ENV Minutes  

11 November 2019

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01 April 2019

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11 January 2021 

LPC ENV Minutes

10 August 2020

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23 September 2019

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11 February 2019

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09 November 2020

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10 February 2020

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22 July 2019

LPC ENV Minutes

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